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Hi there!

We are Kirstie & Sebastian. We are a mother and son team. With mum being a professional dog trainer, Sebastian has grown up surrounded by hounds so canine behaviour is almost second nature to him.
We have found our niche in the canine industry facilitating canine social groups with a focus on inclusion and connecting dogs to their unique social selves by using our knowledge and experiences of complex dog social communication.
We regularly add to our skills by attending industry seminars, workshops and group training events both in person and online.
We are fortunate to belong to a community of dog professionals in our local canberra area. This means we have a very informed referral system to ensure all the dogs we serve have the best skill set to meet their needs.
Asides from that we are also, (most importantly some would say) expert ball throwers, butt scratchers and we are both pretty handy with a poop scooper.

About us

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